Issues & Limitations

Investors poured over $7.6B into Web3 gaming in 2022

The landscape of blockchain gaming has, regrettably, been riddled with a slew of perplexing predicaments. Despite the recent fervor surrounding NFT gaming, a myriad of constraints have plagued players in alternate platforms, casting a pall over this nascent realm. Paramount among these predicaments is the conundrum of scalability that continues to vex the Web3 gaming milieu. These virtual domains have grappled with accommodating massive player populations, resulting in protracted transactional latency and, consequently, a suboptimal user experience. Furthermore, the slumberous pace of development has been a poignant issue, with a multitude of ventures failing to uphold their lofty pledges, leaving players bereft of their intended experiences.

Yet, Web3 games are not fun and the brands are unrecognizable

Concomitantly, a disconcerting observation within the realm of Web3 gaming is the paucity of depth and engagement that often renders such ventures insipid, alienating the mainstream and casual players. This lamentable dearth has fostered a lackluster adoption of Web3 gaming and confined the player base within straitened limits. Moreover, the user interface of many Web3 games has remained enshrouded in the cloak of inelegance, replete with unwieldy interfaces and confounding mechanics.

Web3 presents a toolbox but must be used properly

However, the troves of Web3 gaming hold the potential to subvert this paradigm by vesting veritable ownership in the hands of players. The advent of NFT digital ownership proffers the capability to genuinely possess in-game assets, enabling their transfer across divergent games and platforms. Furthermore, the integration of NFT marketplaces, such as Agora and Vulcan Forged's NFT marketplace, empowers players to procure, vend, and barter their in-game assets, endowing them with latent monetary value.

Amid the labyrinthine intricacies of Web3 gaming, it is indubitably plagued by its share of restrictions, but the meritorious dividends stemming from NFT digital ownership and NFT marketplaces are far from inconsequential. By bequeathing players with authentic ownership rights and a conduit for the monetization of their in-game possessions, NFT gaming casts a formidable shadow of disruption upon the traditional gaming bastions, bestowing players with unprecedented agency and emancipation.

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